Southland Hills neighborhood is right on the cusp of Towson University, near the corner of Towsontown Boulevard and Bosley Avenue.

Located right behind the Old Towson Jail, which is due to become the Towson Swim Club, the neighborhood has seen a number of changes recently.

The most recent change is that Towson University Public Safety building is due for a major addition to begin this summer — much larger than the one on the master plan in 2009.

It will add much more parking and take over where the tennis courts used to be right on Towsontown Boulevard.

The big question to the nearby homeowners is whether it will affect Southland Hills house values and their current quality of life and neighborhood. That is yet to be determined, possibly unable to do so until the new TU building is finished.

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**Please note: As of March 6, 2012, the Towson Swim Club project has been terminated. Any links to the Towson Swim Club website may no longer link correctly, and there is currently no pool scheduled to be built in West Towson.**