Southwest Airlines showcased Baltimore in a multi-page article called “The City You’re Missing – Baltimore.”

Writing of the unique work spaces, affordable housing, and lively bar scene that Baltimore has, the author, Jay Heinrichs, states that Baltimore may be the most underrated city in America.

Twenty-two pages highlight the great parts of Baltimore.

The cleanliness, the areas being fixed up and repurposed (Sagamore Pendry, anyone?), welcoming entrepreneurs, the friendly neighbors.

As the article points out, Baltimore offers shared workspaces, low-cost housing, (plus luxury housing!) and easy commuting if you live near your work.

There is the water taxi, which makes it easy to get around the Inner Harbor, and the Promenade, which is an eight mile stretch to walk or ride around the Harbor. There is Harbor East, which houses apartments, condos and restaurants, Fell’s Point with so many types of homes and eateries, Hampden, the unique area north of Downtown to Station North, Mount Vernon, and many, many more neighborhoods to explore.

Baltimore is called Charm City.

Baltimore residents know why.

If you are considering moving to Baltimore, please contact me. I’d love to be of assistance!