A report by the National Association of REALTORS says that 81% of REALTORS agree that staged houses help buyers visualize them as homes.

REALTORS have also found that homes that are staged tend to spend less time on the market than their counterparts who are not.

Also in the report is a section discussing TV shows and how they affect buyers’ perceptions of how a house should look when they are viewing to potentially buy. I have found over the years as HGTV has thrived that buyers feel homes should be in top shape when they view. Staging can certainly help a perception of how a home is viewed.

Living Rooms tend to be the rooms that are most important to be staged, then the primary bedroom, and then the kitchen.

Staging can mean very different things to different houses and situations.

Some homes would benefit from a good decluttering and a deep cleaning. Others, especially vacant homes, could use rented furniture to make the rooms feel more “homey.”

Depending on the situation, sometimes staging a home, especially in the case of an “as-is” sale, is not a part of the marketing plan for the house.

I offer staging help in various levels for Towson real estate and beyond. Sometimes it is advice on decluttering, painting, cleaning and the like. In certain circumstances, we have small pieces of furniture and decor that could potentially be used to change a room. For larger staging needs, I can recommend a few local companies that can bring in larger pieces of furniture to complete a look.

Each market area, even within Towson, Timonium, Hunt Valley, and Baltimore, can be different, and may be best served by varied levels of staging.

For more information about selling your Timonium home, your Towson home, Hunt Valley or Baltimore home, please contact me. I would be pleased to be of service!