So as you get to know me, you find out my obsession with this little purple and black team called the Baltimore Ravens.

My fall & winter schedule literally is based around the home Ravens games. I have missed only 9 home games since the team arrived in Baltimore in 1996, mostly due to illness or unchangeable travel plans. (Those darned weddings, don’t people KNOW about MY schedule? 🙂 )

So right now I am pumped. WHY? It’s TRAINING CAMP TIME! I am a founding member of the Lavender Ladies, a group of football obsessed women who could rival most men in terms of knowledge and understanding of the game. This is a group founded by the Baltimore Ravens organization. The group began as RAVENS 101 — for women to learn about football. What they found was we knew plenty — we just needed an outlet & fun times and to be surrounded with other women who thirsted for more FOOTBALL!

So, again, the pumped-ness. Next Monday is a flag football tournament with the other “ladies” (yes, the quotes is because I use that term very loosely — “ladies” most of us aren’t) at training camp! This will surely be a blast & I can’t wait to play!

Next week look for my follow up to the flag football tourney. Should be interesting!