This Month in Real Estate April 2012 has been released.

Home sales activity remained at the pace of 4.6 million to be sold this year. The median home sale price rose $1,000 to $156,000 last month. The big change is that the average interest rate for home loans jumped from 3.87% in February to an average of 4.08% in March, in reviewing This Month in Real Estate March 2012.

Jay Papasan, in the Top Story, asks how much time you should spend with your agent prior to looking at homes. The buyer consultation should last approximately 90 minutes. This way you can learn the home buying process, and your agent can really learn about you and what you are really looking for in a home.

In News You Can Use, Bryon Ellington discusses what you will find out in your Buyer Consultation with your agent.

Here are questions that should be discussed during the consultation:

1) Which is more important? Location or size?

2) What are the benefits of buying a fixer-upper versus one that has been redone already? (Please note that not all loan types will allow a buyer using the program to buy a home that needs work.)

3) How do you maximize home values? (Which seems a lot like #5)

4) Is neighborhood stability a necessity?

5) What features and amenities offer the highest return in resale?

The homebuyer consultation is a time I really enjoy, because I get to learn so much about my buyers and their wishes and desires, and I feel like the session helps them to understand somewhat what they will be going through during the buying process.

For more information about buying a home in Baltimore, please contact me. I would love to help!