So, as we all know, gas prices have gotten very high — so expensive that some people are resorting to traveling less, selling their SUVs, or figuring out other ways to save on gas.

This is a great site, called — it is put out by What is so neat is that people, as they drive around, see gas prices & send them in. The goal is to work together to save money!

How cool! People taking the time to take care of each other, knowing how much the cost is hurting us all.

The other cool part is that you can check by area. So want Timonium Gas Prices? Well, there is only one person who reported one station. BOOO! Let’s get together and start reporting to HELP EACH OTHER!

Let’s check Towson Gas Prices. ZERO reports! Come on Towson, let’s do this!

Cockeysville Gas Prices. Go Cockeysville & Hunt Valley! (though Mr. 21093 Reporter is located in the Timonium Real Estate zip code — he is very helpful as he heads up the 1-83 Corridor!)

The good news in all of this?

1) There are still many people out there who WANT TO HELP each other.

2) It appears that gas prices in Timonium, Cockeysville, and Hunt Valley are dropping.

3) TIMONIUM REAL ESTATE, TOWSON REAL ESTATE, AND COCKEYSVILLE REAL ESTATE are still BARGAINS, and with all of the amenities & conveniences so close by, you don’t have to drive far or waste gas to get what you need!