Timonium home sales in December 2012 were up over December 2011.

Timonium home sales last month totalled $18,067,550, which is an increase of 20.56% over December 2011, where the volume was $14,986,850. This is a great increase — not quite as large as the 70.93% increase we saw in Timonium Home Sales November 2012, but still a significant raise! The average sold price was down slightly from the end of 2011, -5.09% to $384,416.

There were 47 homes Timonium homes that sold last month, up 27.03% (which is 10 homes) from last year same time. The average time it took to sell a house in Timonium was 79 days, which is up from November’s 68 days, but down from the 114 last December. One home sold the day it came on the market, 10 more sold in less than 10 days, another 8 in less than 20, and 3 more in less than a month. Six more received contracts in less than two months.

Twenty-five homes came on the market last month, while 33 went under contract.

Here is a link to the more detailed report for 21093 home sales December 2012.

Timonium has a wide variation of houses and neighborhoods, and depending on which types of homes sell in a particular month, the averages sales prices can rise or drop accordingly. This is a general overview of 21093 home sales statistics for December 2012. For more details about your Timonium house value, contact me! I’d love to help!