Tips buyers would give sellers if they could came from a post in late February on a website called Trulia.

I had it in my queue to follow up with, because I felt like the tips were good ones for sellers, even if I take a different depiction or approach to them, and don’t necessarily agree fully with reasons behind some in the article. BUT, the five tips, in general, are something to consider.

1) Look at how your home looks online. How many photos are there? Do you feel they are a true depiction of your home? If you look at them, and feel that maybe the rooms look crowded or full of stuff, remove some of that stuff. Take new photos of those rooms! If you feel like they look crowded, then a buyer will most likely feel that way as well.

2) If your home is very overpriced, buyers are going to wait to come down in price before visiting. In a correcting market, especially, where some homes are selling in a matter of hours or days, (like I just had in Lutherville last week,) buyers don’t want to take the time to come see a house for which that they know they won’t pay close to the asking price.

Also, if it is well overpriced, then it may not come up in the right buyer’s search, so they don’t know that your home could be available to them — and they may buy something else in the meantime.

3) There may be many houses out there, but buyers only need to find one. Buyers need to find a home that works for THEM. For THEIR needs. Yes, they may need to compromise on a few things, but they need to envision this home working for them. Make sure the house looks great for showings, and make sure it doesn’t look like you cut corners getting it ready.

4) People who nitpick at your home may actually like it. It is the picking apart process that helps them to visualize how it may work for them and their needs. It doesn’t always result in them making an offer or buying your home, but it may be part of how they are deciding if it could be their next home.

5) Stage your home. Hire a professional, and take their advice. Buyers are watching waaaaaay too much HGTV and think all homes should appear this way! Plus, stagers have an eye for what will work to help sell. Simple things like adding a plant or a towel somewhere can change the entire feeling of a room!

For more tips on how to sell your Timonium home, please contact me. I would love to help!

Photo courtesy of stebulus via Flickr CC