Towson 21204 home sales in August 2013 were down again from the August 2012, as well as from July of this year.

The total of Towson homes sold in August was $2,436,400, which is a 55.08% decrease from the $5,424,000 sold last August. This is also down from the $5,853,400 shown in Towson 21204 home sales July 2013.

Only ten homes sold in August, which is four less than last August. The average sales price for homes that settled last month was $243,640, which is down 37.11% from the $387,429 we saw last August. This is much in part due to the low number of homes changing hands, and that two of those were condos that sold for under $100,000. There were also two more condos that sold for less than $200,000. The largest sale came in under $600,000.

Sixteen Towson homes came on the market in August, while 13 homes in 21204 went under contract.

Here is more information and a more detailed report for 21204 home sales August 2013.

The above is a very general look at home sales in the 21204 zip code for August 2013.

The 21204 zip code has a big variation in house types and neighborhoods, and depending on which types of homes sold, and in which locations, the average sales price can rise or fall tremendously.

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