Towson Circle East shared an update with their plans for opening in 2020.

According to reports, some of the tenants in the new Towson Circle East development will start opening their doors in early 2020.

The plan is for 21 retail or restaurant sites. Apparently one quick service eatery has signed a letter of intent to take retail space on the corner of the old Hutzler’s building. That building is set to have 14 retail sites.

Across Joppa Rd is where a 400-unit apartment complex is being built, along with seven additional retail spaces. Access across Joppa will be either by crosswalk or an underground parking garage under the old Hutzler’s building.

Here is more information from a recent Baltimore Sun article.

I’ve written a few times about the Circle East development, but we are getting closer to an opening! So much has been built and more to come.

So much is happening in Downtown Towson!