Towson was named the Coolest Suburb of Baltimore by Thrillist in their article about the coolest suburbs of America’s 35 biggest metro areas.

The Thrillist author said he had three major criteria for telling people a great place to move suburb-wise when deciding to move outside of the main city:

1) A decent food and drink scene — meaning a good amount of places to eat and drink close to home without having to go into the city.
2) Close enough to the city so the commute isn’t too bad.
3) An area that has a history of its’ own that makes it unique, and not just a suburban area of the city.

More in the Thrillist article.

Towson was chosen partially due to its’ proximity to Downtown Baltimore — being located “inside the Beltway,” the commute may be easier than some places farther away. There are also many places to work right in Towson and the surrounding communities.

There are two colleges in Towson — Towson University and Goucher College, so there is a vibrant late night scene if that is something for which you are searching.

There are so many restaurants, and there are more coming in! Downtown Towson has so much to offer – and there is construction going on offering new places and more parking!

We have Towson Feet on the Street all Summer – a Friday Night Block Party with live music, beer, and fun for the kids.

We have a very popular and very large Towson Farmers’ Market that runs all summer and most of the Fall.

Towson Towne Centre is a very large mall with a luxury wing for an ultimate shopping experience.

There are many different types of homes and neighborhoods to live in — from condos to townhouses to small and large single family homes – there are even new townhouses being built as well as new luxury homes in Towson.

Thank you, Thrillist, for naming Towson a cool suburb! We find Towson to be a great place to live!