November 30, 2009 seems far enough away. It’s after Thanksgiving, and it’s currently 95 degrees out. Who’s counting?

Towson First Time Homebuyers should be, that’s who!

If you want to take advantage of the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit, you must get MOVING NOW!

It can take some time to find a house. If we start looking tomorrow, it could take you 30 days to find the perfect place, couldn’t it? Today is August 24. 30 days brings us to September 24. If you are using an FHA mortgage, banks are stating 45-60 days to ensure issues that may arise are covered/taken care of. That brings you to yes, November 24th. What is November 24th? The Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Think of all of the First Time Homebuyers across the US trying to take advantage of this credit. All under the same guidelines, deadlines, etc. How well do you think a closing may go on November 24th????

Keep in mind, if you settle December 1, you will NOT receive the tax credit benefit, even if the delayed closing is NOT YOUR FAULT. You would still not be eligible.

So what does this mean?

Contact me today to GET MOVING and get $8,000 back from the government on your taxes next year. WHAT A GIFT!


Here is a great chart by Chik Quintans of Blue Sky Mortgage Strategies in Seattle, Washington showing just how little time is left!