The Towson Swim Club that had been planned for the old Towson jail has now been canceled due to lack of interest in charter memberships from the surrounding community.

Two paragraphs appear on the website:

“On Tuesday, March 6th, the founding members of the Towson Swim Club voted to terminate the swimming pool project.

We would like to thank all of you who believed in the project and wanted to see a neighborhood pool in Towson.”

Though it is disappointing, it is not too surprising, considering the state of the economy, and the up front expense the charter memberships required. The cost, according to the paperwork from their website, had been $1,975 per household plus $250 application fee and $275 initiation fee. Summer fees ranged from $495 individual memberships to $685 family memberships.

The Towson Patch reported on the project termination, stating that Josh Gilkin, a member of the swim board said,

“Members who had already signed up will get all of their money back at a later date, Glikin said, though the details have not yet been worked out as the swim club closes its financial books.”

At the end of January, the Towson Swim Club stated that they needed to get an additional 135 members by February 29 or the project would be ended. In that time period, they only got  between 35-40 new members, totaling between 225-230, much less than the 315 needed to open.

At this point, it has not been determined what will happen with the site, and any possible development or use. There are still a number of wonderful pools not too far away for West Towson residents to enjoy!