Towson Swim Club says it needs 135 more members or plans for the swim club will have to be scrapped.

The new members need to sign up by Feburary 29, 2012 or the project will be terminated.

According to the Towson Patch article about the issue, the Club has $318,000 in funds raised by members joining, but in applying for a new loan, plus paying for an engineering contract, they need to secure more members to make it happen.

The cost, according to the paperwork from their website, is $1,975 per household plus $250 application fee and $275 initiation fee. The charter membership may be transferable when you sell your Towson home.

Summer fees range from $495 individual memberships to $685 family memberships, with lower Senior memberships also available.

The Towson Swim Club was originally slated to open Memorial Day 2011. It was then postponed to Memorial Day 2012 when a private investor backed out. Now the opening has been pushed back another year to 2013, and only if 135 new members join by February 29, 2012.

I do truly hope that West Towson homeowners can come together and get this pool financed. It would be a wonderful additional bonus to living in West Towson.

**Please note: As of March 6, 2012, the Towson Swim Club project has been terminated. Any links to the Towson Swim Club website may no longer link correctly, and there is currently no pool scheduled to be built in West Towson.**