A large amount of snow blanketed the Baltimore area yesterday, causing major problems on roads north and south of the Beltway.

Forecasters were predicting a dusting to three inches of snow. As most of us realized yesterday, it was more like 6-10 inches.

The major problem was that State Highway Administration crews apparently were not prepared. At noon, as I was on 695 traveling east toward White Marsh, it became very clear that road crews had not been out — there was no salt, sand or plowing. Snow began around 10, and it was sticking very well to the cold roadways.

I would have thought that 95 North of the Beltway would have been better, but I was wrong.

Numerous cars spun out, down embankments, in the medians. I saw about 4 accidents and probably 13 cars spun out in my short trip to Abingdon. I have a heavy SUV and it handles very well in the snow, but even I found my wheels losing their grip as I traveled slowly north.

As I was meeting with sellers and listing a great property in the St Clair neighborhood of Abingdon (it will be online in a few days — stay tuned!), the snow continued to fall quickly. At 3 pm I went to leave.


Route 24

And Route 24 was a parking lot.

It took about 35 minutes to go just over a mile on that main artery toward 95 South. Police were out directing traffic, which is the only reason things were moving at all.

Once I got on 95 South, roads were a little better than earlier. It appeared at least the left lane had been sanded, but in between lanes there was a decent amount of snow built up and the right lanes completely covered. To be safe, you needed to drive in the grooves in the snow that other cars had created. Again, though, the number of ambulances and fire engines I saw was astounding. All I could think was that maybe if these roads were treated, the EMTs, firefighters, and police officers wouldn’t have to be working so hard!

695 West was decent, but Eastbound still was not. An hour & 1/2 later I was getting to Towson and York Road was untouched by plows. Bosley was a mess with cars attempting to go uphill without traction. I am still amazed that one car did not slide back down and hit me. I saw it happening and was able to navigate my way around him (thank goodness for growing up in New England — we learned how to turn into the skid!).

By the time I got home, my nerves were shot, and I was shaking from being so tense for that two hour period of driving. I was glad to get and remain home.

I wish that forecasters had been closer or that the State Highway Administration had taken precautions and sanded “just in case” so there wouldn’t have been so many accidents.

I hope you were able to remain home, and that you remembered to check out my past post on how to Enjoy the Winter White for fun things to do. It appears roads have been cleared this morning, at least here in Towson, so we may venture out. If you do so, please be careful!