Large amounts of snow is forecast for Baltimore tomorrow, and that means the grocery stores will be packed with people buying their milk, bread, and toilet paper today.

I joke, sort of, because it will happen, yet it is funny!

This snow is supposed to be a major storm lasting from midnight tonight until late tomorrow night, so this one needs some preparation.

1) Make sure you have shovels. We did construction on our house, and have no idea where ours are in the pile of things we need to go through, (half of which will end up in the dumpster due here in January). Somewhere, in the Lowe’s Home Improvement in Timonium, the cash registers are laughing.

2) Make sure you have ice scrapers/snow wipers for your car. (In my case, see #1 as to why I will be buying today).

3) Make sure you have rock salt or kitty litter to help get footing on the walks outside of your house. (Again, #1)

4) Buy slice & bake or break & bake cookies so you can pretend to “bake” while you watch the snow fall.

5) Have hot chocolate on hand for the ones who will be doing the shoveling with the items you will be buying today. Ensure your microwave works correctly to heat the water well.

6) Dig out your board games. You know, the ones you forgot you had.

7) Get batteries for all of the video games/toys that need them that you will suddenly really want & need when cooped up in the house.

8 ) Really, RELAX. You will be able to get out of your house most likely Sunday (unless you are in an area where the plows tend to hit late). It will be 24 hours stuck indoors, but you will hopefully still have heat, your TV, and each other.

And if you live in Towson, there is a GREAT hill on Charles Street by the “Smboard of Smeducation” that I hear a lot of people sled down. Just be prepared for a long walk back up!