We are officially in a blizzard warning here in Baltimore, and this has wreaked some havoc on the last Baltimore Ravens home game of the season tomorrow.

Due to the snow, the game has been officially moved to 4:15 pm start time. The snow is due to end around 6 am Sunday. This was to give the City of Baltimore more time to clear the roads around M&T Bank stadium, and make travel safe for those going into Downtown Baltimore. The stadium had 700 people stay overnight to work through the snow today and clear out for tomorrow. They were housed on the club level overnight.

The most interesting connundrum this caused is that the Chicago Bears’ flight was moved from today, Saturday, to Friday night, but due to the storm arriving earlier than expected, their flight was canceled. (Read the Chicago Bears’ official blog/story).

That’s right, the opponents for the Ravens tomorrow are still in Chicago.

What does this mean?

We are not sure yet.

The Bears may be able to fly in tomorrow morning if BWI opens the runway. The game could be delayed further for Sunday night. The game could be played Monday night.

This will be an interesting story to follow as it develops further. Right now, we are snowed in, and enjoying the pretty whiteness outside.