Baltimore was named a top ten city to move to after college graduation by the Huffington Post.

Coming in at #9, Baltimore has a lot to offer those who have just graduated college!

The list was put together by They surveyed 1000 Millennial renters, and found that they want to live somewhere with increased job potential over the college town where they were in school. then looked at cities where more than 100,000 people live, and then ranked each city based on jobs per person, the unemployment rate there, the number of millennials who already live there, average rent for a two-bedroom dwelling, and the city’s “lifestyle” score, according to the site. “Lifestyle” is rated by looking at the number of restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment like professional sports teams (Go Orioles and Ravens!) and live music.

Coming in at #9, Baltimore offers so much for Millennials and all age groups alike.

As far as pro sports teams, we have the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens, both of whom usually play well, and offer a great fan experience.

Currently the Millennial population (ages 20-34) runs at 25% of the City of Baltimore.

The Downtown Baltimore areas of Federal Hill, Canton, Brewers Hill, and the like have so many fantastic restaurants within a quick walk, bike, cab or Uber ride.

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