When is the best time to buy a house in Baltimore?

Well, that would be when you are ready!

Seriously, though, Lifehacker posted an answer to a question about the best time to buy or rent. The question had been posed by someone who had heard that buying was the best in the Spring but rentals were best in the Fall. (Something I had never heard!)

Here is what to know about the Spring real estate market in Baltimore. There may be more houses, but there are often more buyers, too. Sometimes things can get rather competitive.

Yes, it can be more enjoyable to look for a house in the warmer weather, but there are many others who feel the same way!

Lifehacker notes that sometimes moving companies charge more by the hour in the warmer months because they have so many people wanting their services.

As for Winter and Fall — there are generally less homes to choose from. That being said, though, there is usually less competition from other buyers, and the people who are selling tend to be very serious about selling. They usually aren’t just “testing the waters,” per se.

A few words of warning: Don’t wait until the last minute to make a plan. Sometimes settlements can be delayed, so you don’t want your lease to run out, and your new home not have settled, and you are stuck with a truck and no place to live!

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Photo Courtesy of Images Money via Flickr CC