Cockeysville Home Sales for September 2012 were down a bit from the same month last year.

Cockeysville and Hunt Valley share the 21030 zip code. A total of $4,295,990 in homes sold in September, a decrease of 21.56% from September 2011, where $5,477,000 sold. This is a drop also from August 2012 Hunt Valley Home Sales.

The average sold price dropped 37.25% to $286,399 from last year’s high of $456,417. As mentioned above, the 21030 zip code covers both Cockeysville and Hunt Valley. In Cockeysville, there are a few small condo buildings, and two of the condos in these buildings sold for under $150,000. With 15 homes changing hands, that is over 13% of the sales, which could definitely bring the average sales price down, compared to some of the larger single family homes located in the zip code that may have sold last month. Of the 15 homes that sold, only five were detached homes, and the other 10 either townhouses or condos.

The 15 homes that sold last month took an average of 143 days to receive an acceptable contract. This is up over 123% from last September, where it took only 64 days. Two homes took over a year to sell, which makes the average rise. On the bright side, though, one home sold the day it came on the market, and another two within the first 10 days. A fourth sold in less than 20 days!

Ten homes went under contract last month, while twenty-seven homes came on the market.  There were 79 Hunt Valley homes for sale in September.

Here is the link to the Hunt Valley Home Sales September 2012 report.

Please keep in mind that this is a general market update for the 21030 zip code. Cockeysville and Hunt Valley neighborhoods have very wide ranging size, price, and age of homes. For more details on your Hunt Valley house value, please contact me. I am here to help!