The development of the acreage at the corner of Pot Spring Road and Old Bosley Rd in Cockeysville near Timonium had its’ plans halted on Thursday, as new Councilman Todd Huff postponed his consideration of the development.

The land is currently zoned for 13 homes, but the developer, Jeffrey C. Kirby, wants to build 33 attached homes for a 55+ community. Over 200 residents came out, many to oppose the resolution last Monday at a meeting, and the work session was scheduled for tomorrow, February 1, 2011. The Baltimore Sun reported in an article on the development’s postponement. This was just one step of many that would have to be approved before the project were to be able to continue.

The lot’s location is the wooded area behind the Lake Apartments on the left side of Pot Spring, south side of Old Bosley Road.

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The proposal is in limbo right now, but not withdrawn or canceled.

Many of the neighbors are concerned with the change in the current zoning, and the traffic issues that could be caused by an additional 20 homes than zoning currently allows for the land. To the west of the proposed development is an already highly developed area of Cockeysville homes.

I will stay tuned as the changes in development continue!