There is good news for the homeowners near the Pot Spring and Old Bosley Rd intersection, where a 33 home development had been proposed, and almost presented to the Baltimore County Council.

The lot is currently zoned for 13 homes, while the larger development would have been designed for a 55+ community, adding another 20 homes to the current zoning.

The potential Pot Spring development caused an uproar in the community, because of the additional traffic, drain on resources, and lack of parking would have caused issues for the currently standing communities.

Councilman Todd Huff was ready to propose a change in zoning for the planned unit development, but listened carefully when his new constituents came to him.

The Pot Spring community is located just north of Timonium in Cockeysville.

They are, I am sure, feeling more confident that their Cockeysville house values shouldn’t be compromised by a development not suited for the area.