Hunt Valley, Phoenix, Sparks, and Cockeysville to be Sprayed for mosquitos to prevent West Nile Virus on August 27, 2015 and again September 3, 2015.

A person infected with the disease was diagnosed recently, and though the person died of an unrelated cause, the State is planning to spray for mosquitos within a mile radius of the infected individual.

Here is a link to the map from the Maryland Department of Agriculture of the areas to be sprayed (thanks to Perry Hall Patch for the link!)

Looking at the map, it appears to include the Hunt Valley Towne Centre, Hunt Valley Station, Hunters Run, Highfield, Phoenix areas including Summer Hill, Eagle’s Nest, Meredith’s Ridge, and others running up Jarretsville Pike to Sweet Air Road over to Manor, while in Cockeysville, this would include Springdale, and areas off Cranbrook and off Warren Roads. In Sparks, the largest community to be affected will be Loveton Farms. See more details in the Baltimore Sun article.

It is recommended to stay INSIDE while the spraying occurs, which is scheduled to happen after 7:30pm 8/27/15 and 9/3/15.

Make sure to check the map in the Department of Agriculture link, and if you will be in the area after 7:30pm on those dates, remain indoors!