Mays Chapel Elementary School was approved last night by the Baltimore County Public School board by unanimous vote.

There are many overcrowded schools in the Timonium and Towson area, and a new school was needed. The question that many in the Mays Chapel community had was, is this the best place for it?

Though it is understandable why many Mays Chapel residents may not be happy with the location, the Mays Chapel Park has been designated to be a school site for 25 years. It is currently a 20 acre park with walking paths and some nets.

It is located on Roundwood Drive right across the street from the Brightview Assisted Living, so the construction of the school, plus the additional traffic and noise could be a disturbance to those living there.

That being said, Baltimore County needed a new school to accomodate 700 students, and this is where it is going to be located.

The current plan is to use only about 10 of the 20 acres for the school. Hopefully those involved with planning will come together with the Mays Chapel community to plan a school and open area that is a good solution for all!

The new Mays Chapel Elementary School is slated to open in 2014.