The Preserve at Fallowfields is a new development in Lutherville that just got approval in Mid-July. *In 2019, the name of the development is now Hampton Park.*

There is a community meeting about the new development, which is to be developed and presented by Brooks Benhoff LLC, on Tuesday, August 19th at 7pm at Havenwood Presbyterian Church.

It appears there will be 14 houses built on a 16 acre plot of land between Margate Road, Welford Road, Dunbeath Ct and Pot Spring Road. (See the google map for approximate area.)

Right now there is not a lot of information out there, but after the York Manor community meeting about the project, I will share what I learn.

For more information on Lutherville homes, please contact me!

**Here is an update on the Preserve at Fallowfields New Construction as of August 20, 2014**