If you were unable to be at the stadium last night, you missed the huge electric energy flowing in and around M&T Bank Stadium in Downtown Baltimore.

The tailgating lots opened at 3:20 pm and many enjoyed the warm, gorgeous afternoon hanging out with friends and watching the earlier games on TV’s brought in their cars!

We didn’t head down until about 4:30, but it was a beautiful night, and the excitement was palpable. I was happy to see a friend who I haven’t seen in over 5 years since he moved to California, but was home and came to see the game with us.

We entered the stadium around 7:30 and many were already in their seats. There were quite a few Steelers fans around, and some Baltimore Ravens fans were a bit heated with them already.

Luckily everyone settled down at gametime, which began with spectacular fireworks set off from the tops of the lights on the stadium as the players ran out, and again after the National Anthem was finished.

We began our game on a great note, taking our first drive all the way downfield and scoring a touchdown!

Then, things got tough from there.

Dixon, the rookie 3rd string Quarterback on the Steelers is a fantastic player. He is smart and very fast. Once seasoned, he will be a tough opponent to beat!

The Steelers, though down two important players from their team, were there to win.

Luckily for the Baltimore Ravens, so were they. Going into overtime, Paul Kruger intercepted a pass, and they scored a field goal (thank you, new kicker Billy Cundiff!), creating the late night win over the Steelers, and leaving happy fans to disburse in Federal Hill.

Thank goodness for the rain holding off, and the beautiful night, and the Ravens WIN! Now onto Green Bay. GO RAVENS!