Stoneleigh Elementary school has been overcrowded for a few years now, and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has agreed to put funding toward building an addition on the school to accommodate the growing student body.

This comes as great relief to Stoneleigh homeowners, who had been told their children could possibly be relocated to Dumbarton Middle School rather than have an addition put on the current school, in order to save the costs associated with the addition. Though many elementary schools in this area of Baltimore County are above capacity, the Towson Times reports that most of the middle schools in the same zone are well below capacity.

The item goes in the upcoming budget proposal, and goes to the Baltimore County Council to approve the expense.

The earliest the addition could be completed as it stands right now would be about four years. The Stoneleigh neighborhood is going to petition to move up the list to make it happen sooner.

Congratulations to Stoneleigh Elementary School on the upcoming addition!