This Month in Real Estate December 2012 has been released!

Home sales activity remained a pace of 4.8 million, which is the same pace as we saw in both October and also This Month in Real Estate November 2012. The median home price dropped $5,000 to $179,000. Last month’s median sale price of $184,000 had been a $3,000 drop from the month before. The median price of $179,000, though is up 11.1% from November 2011, so it is still a positive number. The average interest dropped AGAIN, to 3.34%, AGAIN the lowest it has ever been since history has been recorded! The low interest rates continue to break records month after month!

In the Top Story, Jay Papasan discusses the top reasons sellers decide to move.

1) A desire to move up to a bigger home or what they consider a “better neighborhood.”
2) A need to relocate due to a job or career.
3) A change in familial status, whether that would be having a baby, or on the other end, children going off to college, or retirement.

Contacting me if you are thinking about the possibility of selling a home in Baltimore. I would love to help you get the most out of your home, and move to your next phase in life!