This Month in Real Estate February 2013 has been released!

Home sales activity was at a pace of 4.9 million, slightly down from the 5 million pace we saw in This Month in Real Estate January 2013. The median home price remained the same as January at $181,000. The average interest rose slightly to 3.38%, which, we have to remember, is still extremely low in the history of mortgage rates!

The Top Story is about the top Eco-Friendly features buyers are looking for. Jay Papasan says that research shows buyers want:
1) Double paned windows
2) Energy efficient appliances
3) Upgraded insulation
4) Efficient heating and cooling systems
5) Tankless water heaters

These five updates are good for both you while you live in the home, and for your home when you choose to sell.

Please contact me if you are considering selling a home in Towson. There are still many fewer Baltimore houses for sale, which is generally good for a seller!