This Month in Real Estate July 2012 has been released!

Homes sales activity remained at a pace of 4.6 million, as we saw last month. The median home price jumped a large number to $188,000 from $177,000 as seen in This Month in Real Estate June 2012. Last month had been a large jump as well from $164,000! Freddie Mac reported that the average interest rate dropped to 3.66%, down from 3.78% last month. This is said to be the lowest rate since Freddie Mac began tracking 50 years ago!

In the Top Story, Jay Papasan talks about research on the technology most agents use to sell a home.

The most popular way to reach potential buyers currently is through email.

Personal websites are on the rise to get the property out to more people.

The biggest thing the research noted is that real estate is local, local, local. Many buyers find out about the house they buy through their real estate agent!

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