There are many good reasons to buy a home, and right now, there are seven that stand out, according to a new publication by Keller Williams Realty, my brokerage.

Below are three of the reasons (4&5 will be tomorrow, 6&7 the last day), and my take on each one:

1) Homes Have Never Been More Affordable. This is true! In much of the Baltimore real estate market, home prices took another dive in September. With interest rates at the lowest they have been in recorded history, plus low house prices, buyers can take advantage and save thousands of dollars in both cost and interest.

In 2006, when housing prices were at their peak, mortgage payments took, on average, 25.1% of monthly household income. That has dropped to 14.9% in 2010, allowing homeowners to keep 10.2% more money in their pockets each month.

2) Mortgage Rates are at Rock Bottom and Won’t Stay There Forever. As I mentioned in #1, rates are at an historic low. Never before in recorded history have interest rates been this low. They will not remain this way forever!

3) Prices are Trending Back Up. Across the US, after 30 months of heading towards the floor, prices, in general are heading back up. This is true in areas of Baltimore County, like Towson real estate and Hunt Valley real estate. Other areas still saw a drop in September 2010, but these areas saw inclines over the same period last year.

These are just the top three. There are four more to go!