A 5.9 earthquake hit just north of Richmond, but we felt it up here in Timonium!

The walls were swaying, the floor was shaking. It was rather frightening.

Though West Coasters tend to know what to do, we here in Baltimore certainly do not.

I found a quick guide from FEMA as to what to do during an earthquake for future reference. One is, if you are inside, stay there — people tend to get more injured when they try to exit! I stayed in a door frame, but realize now that it wasn’t a load bearing wall, so it wouldn’t have done me much good.

Luckily we didn’t have much damage up here in Timonium. I am hoping there isn’t too much damage and few injuries as a result of this big quake.

Next up for us is Hurricane Irene, which is now tracking towards us and could still be CAT 1 when it hits us early Sunday morning.

Be careful out there!