Well, the new predicted path for Hurricane Irene is trending more west, bringing higher winds and heavier rain our way most likely this weekend.

Here in Baltimore we are right on the cusp of the “High” to “Extreme” threat level for the storm. It appears that it is supposed to be between Category 2 & Category 1 when it hits us — meaning sustained winds of over 100 MPH. This, on the heels of the earthquake Baltimore felt on Tuesday!

Though it was supposed to reach us on Saturday, it looks like it is going to be more like Sunday into Monday. I guess Irene has slowed down as she has picked up strength.

I found a hurricane preparedness section on FEMA’s website, and thought I would share.

  • A few of the easier (and most likely to be able to be accomplished before Sunday) ones include making sure your gutters are cleaned and tree branches trimmed — especially any that appear loose. Secure outdoor furniture (like deck tables and chairs!)
  • A really good one — turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting. This way it can hopefully keep things cooler in case of power loss.
  • If you need electricity to flush your toilets or wash your hands (i.e. you are on a well), fill the bathtubs and other large containers with water.
  • During the storm, stay inside, away from windows and glass doors, in case they break with the force of the wind.

I hope it calms down before reaching us!