Yes folks, you read that right, the Baltimore Housing Market is Gaining Strength.

What? What was that? The sound of glass breaking? Crashing to the ground in disbelief?

Well, believe it, and I have proof.

My phone, which, for awhile now, I will admit, I thought only made OUTGOING calls, has been ringing. A LOT. Since MONDAY. The spring-like weather? Maybe. The optimism of the new economic stimulus bill? Very likely!

All I know is that I had a house on the market last year in Hunt Valley that we removed from the market to have the home painted, “stuff” removed, and lay low for a little while. SINCE MONDAY I have received three phone calls — one from a perspective buyer, TWO from buyer’s agents who wanted to know, CAN WE SEE IT? When is it coming back on? (The great house: 11626 Hunters Run Drive — the photos will be updated once I get to take the new ones with the fresh paint, cleared out & staged rooms!)

Contracts are starting to flow in & out of my Timonium Real Estate Office. Baltimore Real Estate buyers are starting to realize that they need to get in NOW while the prices AND interest rates are LOW.

So, yes, I am optimistic and excited. There is SO much opportunity in this Baltimore real estate market whether in the Baltimore City real estate market, or the Towson real estate market, or even in the Timonium real estate market, and I urge buyers to take advantage NOW!