The New York Times writer Ron Lieber wrote an article that was published today called Maybe It’s Time to Buy That First House . Ron writes the Your Money section of the NYTimes online.

He knows his stuff!

Listen, we know that housing rates have been declining. There is no question. But are you waiting for the bottom to hit? If so, how can you predict it? You can’t! The likelihood is that you will either buy just before or just after the low. So why buy on the way back up? You’ll have missed what is likely to be a deal of your lifetime!

The other thing to remember is that most first time homebuyers tend to stay in their houses for 7-10 years. So you can SELL it on the way back up, rather than in the possible next dip!

Real estate is designed to be a longer term investment than the past few years have seemed to indicate. What we need to remember is THAT was the odd time. The scary time. When if you bought, we couldn’t honestly tell you that your house would be worth that much in a few years. And now, that’s right, it’s not.

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