It looks like the beginning of next week will bring us more snow or ice, possibly mixed with rain or sleet.

What does this mean for the Baltimore real estate market and Baltimore area homes?

More trouble.

In a city still in recovery mode from two blizzards last week, additional winter weather is not welcome to Baltimore homeowners.

Those gutters that I spoke about the other day, that may have been holding on may not be able to hold on much longer (if they haven’t broken or fallen already).

Those roofs with snow that I discussed are getting heavier as the snow melts. Additional snow & ice may cause them to collapse or fail.

Water that may be coming in from under the iced-over gutters will have less places to go outside of your house, and be forced back inside.

So be prepared.

If you haven’t already, shovel or rake the roofs that you may have that don’t have much of a pitch to them.

Look out for those icicles and knock down any that you are able to.

Have towels, plastic bags, duct tape, and buckets or tupperware on hand.

If you are a buyer looking for a Baltimore home right now, know that these conditions are not normal. Homes that are well maintained and don’t usually have issues may be having some. These are extraordinary circumstances and most likely not a true representation of how a home usually handles snow or other weather elements.

So now we have to sit and wait. There is nothing we can do to change the weather, all we can do is be prepared and try to help prevent problems when and where we can. Buyers and sellers need to understand that the situations we are facing are highly unusual. The Baltimore real estate market certainly has been affected by these storms, and I am hoping to see some recovery as we head into March.